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WiFi research at Korea 韓国のWiFi事情の調査

Required Translator Languages
Korean» English Korean» Japanese
10kYen 〜 100kYen
Application Deadline
about 1 year ago
Japanese follow English

Hello, This is Ogita from TownWIFI.

We provide a service called “TownWIFI” that enables people to wifi around the globe automatically (

Now, we’re trying add Korea to our TownWIFI service, and we need people who can help us find what kind of wifi there are.

As you can see in the attached Excel file, I’d like you to research “SSID” “Description” “If it redirect to TOS or other page when you connect to Wifi” “Number of Wifi spots”.

There are 2 ways to research.

1.Reserch on the Internet.
List up what kind of wifi there are. (ex: SSID)
Number of spots for that specific Wifi (For instance, research how many shops exist for Starbucks Wifi)
Write if it redirects to the other page.

2. Research in Town.

Go to the crowded place where wifi may exist.List up SSID
Research how many shops there are on the Internet.
Write if it redirects to the other page.

We only need
- Wifi which has lots of potential users. (Ex: airport, station, department store, etc)

- Public Wifi 
Wifi with no password and it redirects to the registration page.
Wifi with password and is able to use if you enter the password

- We count it as 1 Wifi if it has the same SSID.

We don’t need
- Wifi that is provided by telecommunication carrier.
- Paid Wifi.





- 利用者が多いWiFi(空港、駅、百貨店、チェーン店のカフェなど)

- ユーザに公開されているWiFi

- WiFiのSSIDが同一の場合、基本的には認証方法も一緒なので違う場所にあったとしても1WiFiとしてカウント
 例 地下鉄のWiFiは様々な駅にあるが、すべて認証が同一なので1WiFiとしてカウント

- 携帯会社が提供していて、携帯会社のユーザでなくては使えないものは対象外

- 有料のWiFiは対象外
Completion Dead Line
17 Mar 2017 at 19:45
Result Format
Payment time
Immediately after verification

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