Translation & Localization / Proofreading

【Korean⇒English】Free Tryout★Post Editor (If pass the tryout 8000yen +α /1article ) 

Order Details

This is the tryout of Korean ==> English version of below post edit project.
-For the tryout, please finish within 3hrs
-After turned it in, result will be sent within few days and if pass, we order Post Edit for 8000 yen +/ one article (depends on the length of the article, it will be more than 8000yen )
If Pass the Tryout, the Project will be...

-The project will be a post-edit request for the purpose of improving the quality of machine translation results (Korean ⇒ English).
-The schedule will be announced in advance (each time, you can decide if you want to join or not) and we expect you to submit the post-edited result within 6 hours after the specified schedule and time which I and each post-editors have agreed.
-The post-edit works will be expected to be finished within 6 hours on a best-effort basis.
you will receive source file at 10-11 AM in the morning JST and submit the file at 10 PM at night JST on the same day.

If any questions, please feel free to ask.

・Post edit

■Details of conditions
・ Those who can promise to operate within the specified schedule and time frame (6-8 hours)
・ Experienced proofreaders are welcome
・Those whom native language is wither Korean or English
・Those whom Conyac level is Standard or above

■ Delivery date
6 hours after request (required)
* We will inform you of the timing of the request in advance.
* Need to be completed within 6 hour on a best-effort basis.


・This project will be continuous so once join, you can keep working if you wish
Required Translator Languages
English → Korean Korean → English
Payment Timing
Immediately after verification


02 Dec 2020 at 15:07
Completion Deadline
25 Dec 2020 at 09:00
Application Deadline
over 3 years ago
500 yen–10K yen
Maximum Applicants
51 People or More