Multimedia localization (webpages, videogames, apps, softwares, etc.)

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Translation & Localization / General Localization
Spanish → English Senior English → Spanish German → Spanish
I offer the highest quality you need for your project to succeed. I can certainly be your best investment. In the case of videogames, apart from being a professional linguist, I am a frequent gamer, therefore I know perfectly the jargon used in this type of product and what the players need to enjoy it.
I wrote a master degree thesis about localization and transcreation in Ni No Kuni (二ノ国), a Japanese role-playing videogame. Moreover, I have experience in localizing softwares and webpages as well as knowledge of HTML.
I live in Spain, therefore I can be available from 17:00 pm to 2;00 am (Japan Standard Time), from Monday to Saturday. However, I am usually available beyond that time slot.

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Almost 2 years ago
Spanish (native) English German French
Medical technology Marketing Literature
My name is Manuel J. Muñoz and I am an experienced professional translator, specialized in audiovisual translation (from English into Spanish): subtitling, subtitling for the deaf community, dubbing, translation for voice over, localization and audiodescription for blind people. Although I have experience in the audiovisual field, I am able to translate texts of any kind of specialized fields from English and German into Spanish and from Spanish into English. I have also experience in proofreading texts written in my mother tongue (European Spanish).

I am a perfectionist and accurate person who gives the best of himself. Throughout my professional career, I have acquired proficiencies that allow me to deliver translations of the highest quality and on time. Undoubtedly, I can be the professional you are seeking to make your projects prosper.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Manuel J. Muñoz