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800 yen per hour
Translation & Localization / Translation
Italian → English
I am very thorough and look carefully for the most adequate match between words and sentences of both source and target language. I work 24/7 and I usually take more care of my job than of my own interest!
I am mainly experienced in internal procedures for an insurance company, insurance policies, tourism (a hotel website), food (a deli minimarket catalogue), some legal documents, trade agreements, a PhD thesis of political science, and some other non-specialized texts. In addition, I have around 30 days of experience as a Jap/En/It<>En/It/Jap interpreter for surveys on a new car, electrochemistry-related R&D meetings about a certain product improvement, and machinery parts and equipment.
I am usually available:
Mon/Fri 6am - 11pm (CEST)
Weekend 3pm - 10pm (CEST)

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About 4 years ago
Italian (native) Japanese English French
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20 hours / week

イタリア人ですが、日本語、英語、フランス語、スペイン語から / へ様々な分野関連書類などの翻訳経験があります。もっと詳しく:




スペイン語から/スペイン語へ:約38、000言葉(短い物語 、法的書類、観光)。