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As a native speaker and a professional teacher of Italian (15 years of experience), I can feel the "taste" of my language and the underlying meanings and cultural references of a text. I also have some experience (2 years) teaching Philosophy and Human Sciences at a cram school, and an even longer one (around 100,000 words so far) writing web articles. Thanks to all this, I am accostumed to be thorough and to meet my jobs deadline.
I have already had the opportunity to carry out translation tasks in the En>It pair, especially in technical (industrial machinery, lathe parts and features), legal and commercial (contracts, trade agreements, some websites "Terms & Conditions"), insurance (policies), psychology, and general domains.
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Mon/Fri 6am - 11pm (CEST)
Weekend 3pm - 10pm (CEST)

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イタリア人ですが、日本語、英語、フランス語、スペイン語から / へ様々な分野関連書類などの翻訳経験があります。もっと詳しく:




スペイン語から/スペイン語へ:約38、000言葉(短い物語 、法的書類、観光)。