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French → English Japanese → English Standard Japanese → French French → Japanese Senior English → French
I have experience in CSS, HTML, PHP, CMS and SEO optimization.
I'm able to provide you a high quality website.
I can also translate your website in French, English and Japanese.
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Website creation experience (CSS, HTML, PHP, CMS, SEO optimization)
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Almost 9 years ago
French (native) English Japanese
Business Patents Gaming Website Arts
26 hours / week
Freelance translator/web-designer living in Japan for 10 years and working in 3 languages: French (native), Japanese and English. I am specialized in patents, manuals, smartphone applications and general translation (websites, business, etc). I am also experimented in proofreading and have a strong interest in interpretation.
Born in France near Paris, I started to study electronics for 2 years after high-school, before redirecting my energy to foreign languages in university, where I learnt English and Japanese for 4 years.
After graduating, I decided to fly to Japan to polish my Japanese skills in a language school in Kyoto, where I stayed 2 years. During this period, I was also working to help French people coming to Japan, taking care of the procedures regarding visas, inscriptions in language schools, as well as translating various documents from Japanese into French to facilitate the exchanges between the two countries.
Following this experience, I started a formation to become a French teacher in Tokyo.
Concurrently, I found a part-time job as a translator/web-designer in a Japanese company.
I finished my studies and settled myself as a full-time freelancer in translation/web-design at the end of 2015.
Traducteur/Web Designer Freelance, vivant au Japon depuis plus de 10 ans et travaillant en 3 langues : Français (natif), Anglais et Japonais.
Spécialisé dans les brevets d'invention, manuels, applications smartphone et traductions générales (site web, business, etc)