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Three ways to make translation requests

Request directly on our website

The online Conyac system is set up to accommodate clients. You may post your translation request yourself, which will save you the cost of our handling fee.

Go through a Conyac agent

Send us the files you would like translated and we will take care of the rest.
(This option incurs a handling fee)

Use an API for your request

By using ConyacAPI it is possible to incorporate Conyac’s functions into apps or websites, making transferring content into foreign languages simple.

Save time and money by ordering directly!

Perfect for translating casual content such as short emails.

Light Requests

Want to send a quick email in the sender’s language?

Machine translation is a quick solution, but you wouldn’t want to make the wrong impression with an unnatural sounding translation.

Light Requests let you receive human translations in as quick as ten minutes. We connect you with translators from around the world, which means even urgent requests will be handled quickly despite time differences.

Translation with higher quality for business use

Standard Requests

Need a document translated into a different language by tomorrow? Leave it to us!

Simply upload text (.txt), Word (.docx), Excel(.xlsx), or PowerPoint (.pptx) files and the translation will be returned to you in the same file format!

Since Standard Requests are only open to experienced translators who have passed our level tests, your job will be in good hands.

Light request Standard request
Price Price per Request
US$3 per request
Price per Character
US$0.015 per character,
US$0.06 per character (for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean)
Request Format Enter text in our Light request form Enter text in our Light request form
Upload file(.txt .docx .xlsx .pptx)
Character Limit 720 characters (240 characters for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) No limitation
Translator Levels All translators levels are available for Light Requests Only available to Standard Level translators and above
Translation results are publicly viewable online Public (private plans are also available)* Private
Languages Available 75 languages 18 languages
Options Double Check (?) -
Premium Request (?) -

* All Light requests will be automatically made public. If you would like to make your request private you may do so with the monthly plan. All Standard Requests are automatically private.

Conyac translators

Upon registering all translators are required to agree to our user agreement and privacy policy, and are bound by a NDA.
In addition we monitor our translator’s translation quality with the following methods.

  • Translator peer review system
  • Conyac’s own Level Test
  • Quality checks by native speakers

How it Works

Price List

Pricing per character
Original language Pricing of translation Option's Pricing
Double Check Premium Request Translator arrangement
Japanese, Chinese, Korean ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
For English and other languages not listed above ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
※ Please feel free to inquire about the price and date of delivery.
General translation price list
Original language Translated language Translation price per character Option's Pricing
Double Check Premium Request Translator arrangement
Japanese English ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese French ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese German ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Spanish ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Korean ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Chinese (Simplified) ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Chinese (Traditional) ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Thai ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Indonesian ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Vietnamese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Chinese (Simplified) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Chinese (Traditional) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
English Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Korean ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Chinese (Simplified) ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Chinese (Traditional) ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Malay ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Thai ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Vietnamese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Indonesian ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English French ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English German ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Spanish ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Italian ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Russian ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Arabic ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
German Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
German English ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
Spanish English ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
French Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
Chinese (Simplified) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Chinese (Traditional) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Korean Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Indonesian Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
Thai Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
※ Please feel free to inquire about the cost of languages not listed.

Frequently Asked Questions

QCan you translate PDF documents and video?
A Requests that needs to be transcribed will be categorized as Business Requests.
Please let us know the details of your request in the inquiry form below and we will let you know what we can do for you.
QCan I assign only translators I prefer for my translation request?
A You may choose translators who have translated for you in the past and add them to a translator list. It is possible to customize lists by genre or purpose and select only the translators you prefer to handle your future requests.

QWhat should I do if I find a mistake in the translation?
A For Standard and Business requests, there is a period during which you can ask the translators to check over and fix their translation. If you have any doubts about the translation, feel free to contact the translator. You can also decline translation results for Light Requests if you find any omissions or incorrect translations in the text, and the request will be re-listed free of charge.
QI have a set of instructions for the translation request. How should I request those?
A If you have set instructions for the translators regarding the translation, you can upload these instructions as reference. Specific instructions regarding names, denominations, references, and additional information are greatly appreciated as it assures you the translation you want and makes the translator’s job much easier.
See other frequently asked questions
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You can download your translation result with the same file format.



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