Hello, this is Conyac Support.

We would like to inform you that we will be strengthening penalties, such as locking accounts,  against users who are abusing the ”Market Projects” and “Services” Market request options. 

Problematic behaviors include violation of terms and conditions, submission of extremely low-quality work, abandonment of the project midway through, loss of contact etc. Once the client reports the problem, the account of the applicable user will be locked for 5 days. Please keep this in mind and participate in projects responsibly.

Please note that this report system also applies to clients.

If you see a job request that is clearly violating the terms and conditions, or if there are problems such as unpaid rewards, loss of contact etc., please report through the Job Details page by clicking on the exclamation mark icon, or through the contact form (please indicate the job URL or the client user name).

At Conyac, we are committed to operating a platform that is constantly improving for all of our global multilingual users. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Conyac Support