Thank you for your continual involvement on Conyac.
Today we are happy to announce the possibility to issue a receipt for your own Market projects through an easy and quick process.

Until now, you had to get in touch with your bilingual to ask them to issue a receipt for the work done. We therefore decided to simplify the system for both parties by implementing a feature enabling you to issue a receipt independently. 

Follow the instructions below to do so!

How to issue a receipt for your Market project

① After paying your bilingual, start by checking your "Order History".

You will find your "Order History" in the ••• menu at the top of your homepage. 

After getting on the Order History page, click the name of the project for which you would like to issue a receipt.

On the next screen, click the project details as below.

② Click the "Generate a receipt" button!

On the project details page, you will find the "Generate a receipt button" in the same column as your messages that should look like "You accepted the work." or "You accepted the milestone payment request." Click this button.

③ Enter a recipient name and click "Submit".

Enter a recipient name that should not exceed 22 Japanese characters or 40 letters.

In case of mistake, you can always change the name and issue a new receipt, but be careful as the mention "Reissued" will appear on your receipt. 

Receipts of projects including a charged option
The receipt for your paid options (e.g. Private option) selected when creating your project can be downloaded only after the application period has ended.

Please feel free to contact us through our inquiry form for any concerns regarding this matter.

We are looking forward to working with you on Conyac!