Conyac Market, an outsourcing platform has been released!

12 Feb 2015 at 13:41
Thank you for always using Conyac.
At Conyac, our concept of "smooth communication across the world, overcoming the barrier of language" is not only matter of providing translation services. From February 12th 2015, we have started providing Conyac Market, an outsourcing platform allowing users to assign out work which puts to use the unique skills of 45,000 bilingual users.

・Press release (In Japanse)

Conyac's  bilingual users will help your business go global

Using Conyac Market, you will be able to easily make job requests to bilingual users for the kind of work associated with translation jobs such as translations of PDF files, and checking for wording that reflects the translation, which were difficult at Conyac up until now.
Please also be sure to make full use of Conyac Market for your marketing needs which arise from expansion overseas such as those listed below.
In order to make doing business overseas feel closer at hand, as well as to be able to provide services to people overseas in ways that truly reach them, we have bilingual users well acquainted with local culture ready to provide comprehensive assistance for your overseas expansion.

・Research into your overseas target market
・Proposals for content marketing and catchphrases to which people on the ground connect with
・Overseas SEO strategy
・Writing overseas articles
・And much more, with support for work arising from overseas expansion

Conyac solves your problems and uncertainties when expanding overseas with ease!

At Conyac we also provide total support through our specialist staff for your overseas expansion. From overseas marketing to SEO strategies, we support your company's overseas expansion, together with our bilingual users. For further details, please make an inquiry(free ) to: