Check out the hot startups that made it to the final cut at Shift Conference 2014

20 Jun 2014 at 05:51

Many startups wanted to bring their ideas to the biggest tech event in South-East Europe

But only 24 made the cut to the final The Shift Conference selection and joined the Startup Challenge, presenting their entrepreneurial solutions to most notable individuals in tech industry. anydooR was one of them, bringing crowdsourced translation service Conyac to Europe.

The jury selected 3 challenge winners:

1st prize went to Oradian for its disruptive service that radically lowers costs and enables scalability for financial institutions serving the base of the economic pyramid.

Prove from USA won the 2nd prize for their product that revolutionizes action sports industry. Tested by athletes at Sochi 2014, Prove is the next best friend of all sweat and adrenalin loving enthusiasts.

Storygami returned to UK with the 3rd prize for their pioneering HTML5 in-house editor to overlay elements such as text articles, maps, image galleries and external videos to help engage and retain audiences that helps content creators add interactive elements to their online video.

Other notable startups that made it to the finals were:

Agrivi from Croatia, an intelligent cloud farm management software that helps farmers to manage fruit, vegetable and crop production.

Assemblio from Croatia, a tool for assembling the perfect PC for specific needs - best value for its price. from Croatia, the social networking platform that enables business people to meet people with similar business interests and network whenever and wherever they go.

blckapp from USA, the cloud-based, data-exchange platform, that enables developers to easily integrate features like sharing video, voice, messaging and files across devices. 

Bridgemee from Sweden, a platform that gives you access to the hidden valuable knowledge of your friends and their friends.

Our Conyac from Japan was of course also one of the challengers.

Dreamups from Netherlands, the easiest way to design and work together on hardware projects.

Fleep from Estonia, the chat service for teams and businesses that syncs all files and messages on all devices.

Instabank from Czech Republic, reimagined banking that helps exchange money between friends.

Keemotion from USA, the technology for sports footage.

Movym from Italy, an app that enables you to buy your favorite clothing items seen in the movies or series, right as you watch them.

Naymit from Slovenia, an app that helps you create and find your favorite places in the world.

Pitchswag Ltd from UK, the first online business incubator in the world that conveniently brings all the essential stakeholders together.

Stylend from USA, a service that lets you borrow and lend designer dresses with local fashionistas.

Swipe from UK creates presentations by dragging and dropping to upload, add web content, share a link and present live to any audience, anywhere.

Testdome from Croatia helps create perfect programming tests for employers. Useful, efficient and hassle-free.

Turbado from Slovakia is an international e-commerce company with an alternative business model.

Ultrasonic Audio from Slovenia develops highly directional speakers and integrated computer vision systems, as well as music apps.

VIA (Andivi) from Slovenia that shortens the distance between insight and action and makes energy saving behavior simple and efficient.

Warrantly from Serbia sorts out all your warranties, - without the paper mess in the drawers.

Zealify from USA is a platform that helps you find the perfect job, tailored for your interests.

Zizooboats from Austria offers safer, more accessible, and less expensive boating.