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・技術英語能力検定1級 取得(2022年2月)
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Business writing, editing and translating are my professions. I’m native Japanese so can deal with English-Japanese languages.
From 1982 to 2021, as part of our work in standards development, I have performed abstracts and full translations (including review of translations) of U.S. SRP (Standard Review Plan), R.G. (Regulatory Guide), IAEA standards and guidelines, NUREG documents related to safety analysis, and other documents. As part of design and safety analysis work, I have performed abstracts and full translations (including review of translations) of user manuals, NUREG documents, etc. for the PHOENICS and RELAP-type computer codes for thermal hydraulics analysis. I have also submitted papers and give oral presentations at international conferences such as NUTHOS (2014) and PSAM (2014, 2018, 2020) on the results of maintenance related to nuclear safety standards.

After 2022 (after retirement), I have contracted by four translation companies to conduct English-Japanese translation of projects for automobile manufacturers (European QA-related standards, presentation materials for the domestic market, etc.), Japanese-English translation of corporate activity reports on civil engineering technology for overseas markets, Japanese summaries of the US Federal Official Gazette and the EU Official Gazette, and the writing of articles. In Conyac (standard level), I have translated product introductions from English to Japanese and post-edited machine translations.

I have been involved in design development, analysis, projects, and standards development at plant manufacturers and electric power-related organizations. I would like to provide high-quality output in the fields of industrial translation and writing of articles related to nuclear power, machinery, science, and environment, etc., making use of my experience in research and analysis of overseas literature related to these tasks and in submitting papers at international conferences.


Language Pair Area of Specialty Experience Description Example Translations
English → Japanese technology 5–10 years 規格基準の整備業務の一環として、米国SRP(Standard Review Plan)、R.G.(Regulatory Guide)、IAEA標準及びガイドライン、安全解析に関わるNUREG文献等の抄訳、全訳(訳文のレビューも含む)を実施。


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