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Gaming Travel technology Manuals Computer Hardware
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I live in Bielefeld in Northrhine Westfalia, Germany and my native language is German. I have studied Anglistics/Americanistics and I have traveled extensively to all parts of the UK, to Ireland and to the United States. I am also particularly interested in British culture (literature, cinematography and theatre).
I have been working as a professional translator since 2008. Since then I have been dealing with a large variety of text categories in projects of all sizes, ranging from only a few to more than 50.000 words. I have a solid IT-background that includes experience with HTML/XML, the usual MS-Office applications and professional DTP-Software like Framemaker, InDesign and Publisher. I also frequently use Cat-Tools like Trados, MateCat, Wordbee and others. My hobbies are traveling and gaming and thus my specialties are texts relating to these subjects, I am however quite versatile and I have a keen interest in all kinds of topics.
I am usually available from Monday through Thursday during the usual office hours between 10:00 and 18:00 (UTC+1) and my maximal, daily workload is 2,000 words.

Ich arbeite seit 2008 als professioneller Übersetzer und habe mich dabei mit einer großen Bandbreite verschiedener Textsorten in allen Größen, von wenigen bis zu mehr als 50.000 Worten, beschäftigt. Ich habe einen soliden IT-Hintergrund, zu dem Kenntnisse von HTML/XML, der üblichen Office-Anwendungen und professioneller DTP-Programme, wie Framemaker, InDesign und Publisher, gehören. Außerdem verwende ich regelmäßig CAT-Programme wie MateCat, Wordbee und andere. Zu meinen Hobbies gehören Reisen und Computerspiele, daher gehören Texte, die sich mit diesen Gebieten beschäftigen zu meinen Spezialgebieten, ich bin jedoch sehr vielseitig und habe ein reges Interesse an allen möglichen Themen.
Ich bin normalerweise von Montag bis Donnerstag zu den üblichen Bürozeiten zwischen 9:00 und 17:00 Uhr (MESZ/MEZ) verfügbar und mein maximales, tägliches Arbeitspensum liegt bei 2.000 Worten.


Skill Experience
Industrial translation Over 5 years
Publishing translation Over 5 years
Video translation Over 5 years
IT translation Over 5 years


Acquired Name Grade
2019/10 State certified translator
2011/7 Technical writer (tekom) 1.4

Work Experience

Term Company Department
2012/8 - One Hour Translation Freelance translator
2008/1 - Andovar Pvt Ltd Freelance translator


Language Pair Area of Specialty Experience Description Example Translations
English → German Gaming 5–10 years
English → German Travel 5–10 years
English → German technology 5–10 years
English → German Manuals 5–10 years
English → German Computer Hardware 5–10 years

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Standard English ≫ German 1 22  / 22718 1  / 402
Starter German ≫ English 0 0  / 0 0  / 0

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