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With impeccable English writing skills and thorough research skills I am equipped to deliver an effective Japanese>English translation. Preferred areas include lifestyle such as culture, travel, beauty and cuisine related texts, as well as scientific and technical genres such as journal articles and user manuals. Having completed tertiary studies in the discipline of business/economics, I am also equipped with subject-specific knowledge for translation in this area. I am a hard-working individual with flexible working hours.

Contact me during the following hours:
8:00-19:00 (AEST) Mon-Thurs

7~18時(JST) 月~木


Language Pair Area of Specialty Experience Description Example Translations
Japanese to English Business 1 year Translation of business emails, job descriptions, business news articles etc.
Japanese to English Food/Recipe/Menu 1 year Translation of cookbooks/recipes, food articles and restaurant menus
Japanese to English Medical 1 year Translation of patient information leaflets, journal articles etc.
Japanese to English Science 1 year Translation of scientific journal articles and popular science news articles. Technical translation of product user manuals.
Japanese to English Literature 1 year Translation of short stories
Japanese to English Accounting 1 year Extract translation of financial reports
Japanese to English Travel 1 year Translation of travel articles, tourist information websites etc.

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Senior Japanese ≫ English 8  / 3 4  / 1194 10  / 1653
Starter English ≫ Japanese 0 0  / 0 0  / 0

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