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I am a retired Electronics Industry executive who enjoys "word work", training creation and activities that leverage my technical skills and interests. I was introduced to Conyac by a Japanese friend who suggested I try my hand at a "Voice Actor" opportunity she saw posted. I enjoyed the work and have made myself available on the Conyac system since.


Language Pair Area of Specialty Experience Description Example Translations
English → English Science 50 years– My non-working time is mostly devoted to the study of the life sciences. I am an avid microscopist and photomicrographer.
English → English Music 50 years– I play guitar, sing and enjoy all music genres.
English → English Electronics 5–10 years I enjoy creating microcontroller-based projects based on the Arduino.
English → English Food/Recipe/Menu 25–50 years I enjoy gourmet cooking and prefer ethnic specialties, especially Thai and Japanese, I am an expert in health and weight management based on extreme eating styles, including Vegan, Carnivore and Ketogenic.
English → English Travel 50 years– My 50+-year career in the semiconductor industry has provided me with the opportunity and privilege of visiting and working in many countries around the world. In retirement, I continue to enjoy travel for pleasure

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