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We got your order and were eager to pack it and ship it off to you. However, we ran into an unfortunate issue and feel super bad about it! We are back ordered on one of the Merkur Safety Razor Box that you ordered. We try to keep our inventory up to date but if we are off in the least, these things can happen. We should have this item back in stock in the next 2-3 weeks at which time we will get your missing item shipped out to you at no additional cost.


注文を受け取りましたので、早く梱包し発送したいのですが、残念な事態となりました。本当に申し訳ないと思っています。ご注文いただいたMerkur Safety Razor Box の中で一つが在庫切れです。常に在庫は最新なものに更新しているのですが、ごくまれにこういうことが起きてしまいます。在庫切れの商品は2、3週間後に入手できますので、届き次第この商品を追加料金なしで発送できます。

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