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It will be interesting to see how this new OS dependent episode of the mobile search battle unfolds. These early skirmishes will see Apple moving fast, allowing it to quickly gain ground. The question will quickly become whether Google will be able to rally its larger, slower moving, army and claw back lost territory. While it is premature to predict a new world order for search, the giants are shaping up to do battle, and it will be fascinating to watch.

Emma Crowe is Chief of Client Strategy at Somo, which has been developing with iOS9 for the last couple of months, taking it apart in a series of hack days to get under the hood and see just what it can do.



Emma Crowe氏はSomoのクライアント戦略のチーフであり、ここ2~3ヶ月間iOS9の中身を調べ、一体なにが出来るのかを徹底的に調べつつ、開発を行ってきた。

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