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Last 24 Hours To Back Us On Kickstarter!

Email Title: Ready, Set, Go!

It’s the final countdown! Only 24 hours left to back us on Kickstarter and grab yourself an Ambi Climate 2nd Edition unit at 20% off retail!

Your support has meant the world to us these past few weeks, and it’s YOU that helped us reach our goals, unlock new features and get to over HK$1M - continue this streak of success on our last day as well; we’ll be forever grateful ;)

Back Us On Kickstarter !
Only 24 hours left to back!
tearz Translated by tearz


最終カウントダウンのご案内です!Kickstarterに関するお問い合わせ受付はあと24時間で締め切りとなります。Ambi Climateセカンドエディションユニットを定価より20%安くお買い求めください!



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