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Yes, please reply in regards to the focusing hood, thank you. I believe a suitable refund would be enough to cover a 100mm lens on its own, which range from $80-100 plus shipping, they are hard to find without a body attached. This was the primary reason for buying the kit.
I am patient and understand your situation, please reply and I will await your message.

Perfect. Thank you. I appreciate the trouble you've gone through, as I've said before, I love the camera, and don't want to part with it. Would you like to send you the video? It's not a problem, I would feel much better if you let me send you the video of the cameras malfunctions.
Translated by ka28310
はい。どうか焦点フードについてご回答をよろしくお願いします。有難うございます。私は、適切な返金は 100mm のレンズ本体をカバーするのに十分な金額だと考えます。80ドルから100ドルの範囲、および送料です。フードは、本体付属以外のものを見つけるのは困難なことなのです。これが私がキットを購入した理由です。


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