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[Translation from English to Japanese ] 1. are you familiar with Thathard Network yet (175K + followers) because we ...

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1. are you familiar with Thathard Network yet (175K + followers)
because we are interested in releasing your tune called 'Qualia' to our brand new channel and have it reposted to a very large amount of people
you will be in the download gate as well so that more people can also help grow your fan base.
so please let me know, if you are interested my friend!

2. i messaged you earlier dont know if you got it but was wondering if your up for a collaboration?
tearz Translated by tearz
1. Thathard Networ (フォロワー数17万5千人以上)についてご存知ですか?

2. 先ほどメッセージをお送りしたのですが届いておりますでしょうか?コラボレーションにご興味をお持ちかなと思いまして。

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