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[Translation from Japanese to English ] "It was the first time we traveled together. I remember I was ashamed that, e...

bhendo Translated by bhendo setsuko-atarashi Translated by setsuko-atarashi
"It was the first time we traveled together. I remember I was ashamed that, even being Japanese, I didn't know the manners of the tea ceremony" (laugh)
"I like to watch you playing Ken-dama"
"The first handmade food you cooked"
"A moment of happiness"
"It is almost winter..."
"This winter will hopefully be happy. Getting into the hot sprigs together will make both body and heart warm. Laugh"

For the first time we went on date to see the flower blossom in Shirosaki. It has been 5 months from that. I hope we can built a lot of good memories together". I wish we could go to Summer Sonic next year too!


While looking at you sleeping, I thought " Oh, I wish I could stay with you from now on." and felt I love you very much.

I made this book thinking of you. May my feelings reach you?
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