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[Translation from Japanese to English ] His Fayolism is very famous. It is the basis of modern management theories, a...

mydogkuro11 Translated by mydogkuro11
I would like to do research on Fayol. Fayol is a French, who had two sides as a geologist and a management scholar. He was born in 1841 and died in 1925.
He joined a mining company as an engineer when he was young. And then he assumed a president from being admired his achievements. However, the company had had a big problem with management at that time. Then he exerted his talents for conduct and management to restore splendidly the company that was going belly up. His philosophy, Fayolism, is very famous. Because the modern theories of management are based on it, many people call him the father of modern management. I'd like to look over from his history to theories of management that he created, and give a presentation.
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彼のFayolismは非常に有名です。現代のmanegement理論の元になっていることもあり、多くの人が彼をfather of modern managementと呼んでいます。

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