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Language Arts
Language Arts or the Art of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking is instructed through a balanced literacy approach. Reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling, word study, and handwriting are studied in an integrated style through use of a variety of quality literature. Students work with leveled texts and learn to decode, develop comprehension strategies, and increase their independent reading level at an increasing degree of complexity. Students also focus on non-fiction texts as they acquire the skills to interpret information, research, and question material presented. Writing is focused on engaging students in meaningful context for the purpose of communicating their ideas on paper. Students are guided through modeling, reflecting on model examples, sharing their own work and peer editing the work of others. The 6 +1 Traits provides a consistent framework for student understanding of what good writing looks like through focus on ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions and presentation. Students are encouraged to publish their written work in various formats for the genre produced.

Students study mathematics through a focus on the Common Core 8 Mathematical Practices. The practice of ‘Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them’ as well as ‘Attend to precision’ are consistently emphasized as applicable to all areas of mathematical study.
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質の高い文芸作品を用いて、読み書き、聞き取り、会話、単語の綴り、字の書き方を統合的に学びます。生徒は同じテキストを用いて、複雑な内容の文章を読み解く力を身につけます。また、ノンフィクションのテキストを使用することで、情報を解釈し、吟味した上で、提示された内容について質問することに注力します。作文では、生徒が自分の考えを文脈に沿うかたちで相手に伝えていく方法に焦点をあてます。 学習者はモデリングすること、モデルに反映すること、それぞれの作品を共有すること、他人の作品を仲間と編集することを指導される。


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