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[Task Project] Japanese to English, Corpus Translation_ ALL YOU CAN TRANSLATE, 1 Task=1000 JPY

Order Details

Languages: Japanese to English

Subject/Target: Corpus (assorted collection of words and phrases)

Volume: approximately 1,500,000 Japanese characters

UPDATE: First delivery December 25th (Friday), 2015
Currently, we have only uploaded 1/3 of the tasks. We will add the remaining 10,000 tasks on the 25th of December.
Please do you best to complete the current task by that date. We apologize for any confusion.

FINAL Submission deadline: January 27th (Wednesday), 2016

Reward: 1 Task = 1000 JPY, ALL YOU CAN TRANSLATE,

Application process: Please submit a trial task translation. We will review the content and assign you to the project ASAP.
Conyac Task Project Introduction

As this is a large translation project with many translators, we have divided the content into “Tasks”. Each task contains roughly 1000 Japanese characters and pays 1000 JPY.

In order to be accepted for this project, first you will need to perform a trial task translation. After submitting your translation please do not take any other tasks until officially assign you to the project. In some cases you may be temporarily blocked from taking any more tasks. Being blocked does not necessarily mean you cannot continue the project.

Translators will grab and work on tasks one at a time. After, submitting a task you may take a new task. There is no limit to the number of tasks one translator can take. Please translate as much as possible after assignment.

There are about 1500 tasks for this project in total. The tasks are listed by number and further divided into two sub-tasks with two translation boxes.

The first translation box contains the original Japanese. If the box contains on only one sentence, you may leave it alone.
However, some Tasks boxes may have multiple sentences. In which case, please divide the Japanese text by sentence and hit the "submit" button.

In the second box, please translate the text in either a single sentence or divided sentences, depending on the first box.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Thank you and looking forward to your application.
Required Translator Languages
Japanese → English
Submit Tasks on Conyac
Payment Timing
Immediately after verification


09 Nov 2015 at 12:07
Completion Deadline
Application Deadline
Price per task
1,000 yen/task
Maximum Applicants
51 People or More