I can help you write/translate english articles on a wide variety of subjects

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$18.00 per hour
Writing / Article Writing & Editing
Dutch → English German → English English
I have previous work experience working at a company called 'inthegame.nl' as an editor.
Here we report on gaming and gadget news, and i was lucky enough to attend several press events and review new games.
Although i have not done this work in several year, my academic work requires me to write scientific articles for a living, so i should be capable of helping you with any type of article writing you need.
Unfortunately my posts on integame.nl from 2015 are no longer on the website.
But my personal website shows some articles, although very specificly geared towards programming skills.
I'm available between 18:00 and 23:30 (UTC:+1, berlin time) every week day, and the whole day on weekends.

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Over 3 years ago
English Dutch German
12 hours / week
I'm a dual language speaker (English / Dutch) and can also read/understand German/

My background is in biochemistry with a PhD in bioinformatics.
I can program in both Perl, Python, Bash and R.
Have some minor experience with web-development
I'm an avid graphics designer with experience in CorelDraw and to a smaller extent Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
I can also do some 3D modeling Blender