I am a Thai translator who like languages such as English, German and some Spanish in terms of games, children books, articles.

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$20.00 per hour
Translation & Localization / Translation
Thai → English Standard English → Thai German → English
I graduated from English Department and have ability in translation in English-Thai and Thai-English. I have expereinces in this field and I consider it as my advantage in this work.
I do many translations mostly Thai to English and English to Thai translation but not a big project.
For example, I have translated the work of Franz Kafka in the name of Gemeinschaft (Fellowship) in Thai version.
Moreover, I did translate the book named "บนหลังหมา" of รงค์ วงสวรรค์ in English version but some parts of the whole book.
I'm usually online weekdays 11 AM to 6 PM (EST)' Monday to Saturday

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4 months ago
Thai (native) English Spanish German
My name is Patiparn Sakuldee from Chiang Mai,Thailand. I graduated from English department who have ability in translation and have experiences working with foreigners who mostly use English as a second language for many years even I never have a big translation project before, my experiences with many small projects in translation can make me match for this position. Moreover, I can speak four languages which are Thai, English, German and Spanish. I have learned German when I was studying in university as a minor whereas Spanish I learn it by myself. If hired, I will bring my translating ability and responsibility to this position.

Punctuality and discipline are my hallmark.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.