Facilitate global trade finance with next-gen solutions tailored for importers. Concurrently, clients can gain unparalleled access to liquidity via custom collateral instruments, optimized for local funding and project-based endeavors.

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Imagine a world where practicing trade finance doesn't tie your long/short-term assets down or strangle your cash flow. That's precisely what I am prepared - and able - to offer. Forget the hard collaterals like cash-restricted margin accounts, and endless covenants that make your business practices conditioned and regulated in performance. We terminate the mold by harnessing soft collaterals like personal and corporate guarantees. The result? Your working capital stays where it belongs—in your business, fueling growth and enabling you to seize new project opportunities. It's not just finance; it's liberation to thrive.


During my formative years at Brunel University London, I had the distinct privilege of studying Business Strategy, Innovation, and Knowledge Management as part of my Bachelor of Science program. Far from being a conventional business course, this program served as a crucible where strategic theories were fused with innovative practices. I delved into complex case studies, formulated critical implications, and sharpened my understanding of converting information into actionable insights. I was honored with a 1st class distinction for my comprehensive dissertation, which employed both qualitative and quantitative methodologies through a constructionist lens. This transformative period endowed me with the intellectual toolkit necessary to understand the intricate 'whys' behind the straightforward 'whats' in the business world.


My contributions as a Corporate Banking Relationship Manager extended well beyond standard account oversight. Guided by annual data-driven strategic roadmaps, I successfully onboarded over 100 new business clients and elevated profits by 300% YoY—a net result of $10M in capital gains and $1.5M in additional profits. Through targeted collaborations with key industry stakeholders, I not only solidified existing relationships but also launched impactful ventures, including a $100M petroleum joint venture and a significant textile FDI acquisition. My proficiency further extended to mitigating risk in end-to-end trade-related initiatives, with a focus on AML protocols, credit risk analysis, documentation, and transaction-to-facility business cycle design. To broaden our operational reach, I forged partnerships with payment service providers, acquiring key POS merchants as a result.

I am available throughout the day in the GMT+3 time zone, generally covering the hours from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Available channels of communication:
Mobile: +962 789002000
Email: amro-alkaradsheh@euroeximbank-sales.com

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As someone deeply involved in the complexities of trade finance, I offer a multi-faceted approach to solving challenges and creating value for clients. Leveraging a rich history in next-generation corporate banking, I bring an edge of fintech innovation to traditional financial processes. I not only advise on trade finance initiatives but am also equipped to structure and issue key trade instruments like Letters of Credit, Standby LCs, Bank Guarantees, and more. With a commitment to proactive communication and a knack for rapid problem-solving, I maintain the pace and integrity of any project, ensuring optimal results every time. My current international scale gives me a wide-reaching perspective that enhances each engagement. In the freelance model, these skills not only flourish but expand, as they offer the flexibility to creatively meet each client's unique needs.