Please leave sales and creation of parallel corpus data to Conyac!
Our 143,000 freelancers will be in charge of making corpus data that fit your purpose and refine your existing corpus data.

It is said that several hundreds of thousand to several million translated sentences are needed in order to create parallel corpus data.
As Conyac has 143,000 registered users, we can provide high quality translation results when you need a large amount of translations such as corpus creation.
Please utilize Conyac for your research and refinement of machine translation.

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Conyac sells and creates corpus data according to your needs!

We can provide parallel data in accordance with your purpose of use

Since our freelancers manually create a corpus on Conyac, we can provide a corpus based on a literal translation or a natural understandable translation in accordance with your purpose of use.

High volume translation is possible

143,000 freelancers are registered with Conyac. As we have registered users around the world, we can finish translating a large amount of data in a short period of time.

Multilingual data in addition to Japanese-English parallel corpus

In addition to Japanese-English parallel corpus, we can sell and create data for Chinese, Korean as well as Indonesian and Thai.
(Please contact us for language combinations available)

Specialties of Conyac Business translations

Translation requests are handled around the clock, 365 days a year.

Conyac’s services are conducted over the internet, allowing our translators from around the world to handle translations requests any day of the year.

Our global translators quickly translate, allowing for prompt deliver of your request.

High level translators and our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Website translation requests are only available to our higher level translators.
All of whom are bound by our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), assuring you a secure translation and peace of mind when requesting.

An affordable and safe translation service

At US$0.015 for one character, our rates are roughly one fifth of our competition. Our rates remain the same, even for rarer languages such as Thai or Indonesian.
In addition, it is possible to provide discounts and special offers when calculating your estimate.

Cut your work in half with Registered Glossary Function

Due to the fact that websites are frequently updated, Conyac will be offering the Registered Glossary Function.
When first requesting your home page translation you may register a list of proper nouns and set phrases, saving you the trouble of making specifications the next time you have a request.

Multiple functions and options available

We offer multiple feature and options for your translation requests. From allowing you to assign a favorite translator from a previous request, to requesting a double check in order to assure the highest quality translation.

Invoice payments

We can handle invoice payments for translation requests. Please feel free to inquire.
(Invoice payments available for requests within Japan only)

Work flow of parallel corpus creation

We will work in any stage of corpus creation

In addition, we offer the following services:

Corpus original sentence refinement

A large amount of original sentences are needed to create parallel corpus data. Conyac can refine, create, and collect original sentences to be translated.

Sales of existing corpus

We can sell bilingual corpus made from translation data accumulated at our company. We will provide high quality translation data by Conyac-registered translators at a reasonable price.

Accuracy check of machine translation by the translator

Translators will check and evaluate the accuracy of machine translation by actually using corpus data. By doing this, you can expect improvement in the learning accuracy of machine translation.

Our CEO Yamada appeared on stage at
The 29th Annual Conference of the Japan Society of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI2015),
held at Future University Hakodate during May 30 (Sat)-June 2 (Tue) this year.

Guest lecture theme
"A crowdsourcing platform Conyac, which specializes in bilingual speakers"