In the end of January 2021, an enhanced version of the freelancer Favorites/Block list is scheduled to be released.
Due to this new release, the application of the freelancer Favorites/Block list will change as follows:

<Before the change>
The Favorites/Block list is applied to each language pair.

For example, if you would like to block a certain freelancer from translating both Japanese to English and English to Japanese, you need to block the freelancer in both language pairs.

Also, the Favorites/Block list applies only to Standard and Light requests, and could not be used for job offers and job requests.

<After the change> *Scheduled in the end of January 2021
The Favorites/Block list will be applied to each Freelancer.

For example, if you block a certain freelancer, that freelancer will be blocked from all services (Standard and Light requests, job offers and job requests) regardless of the language pair.

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the Favorites list not only for Premium Standard requests, but also for making direct job offerings much easier.

The Favorites/Block list feature will also be added to the freelancer`s profile page, allowing you to manage both lists from their profile. Once the new version is released, we will notify you with details on the new and improved features.

For those who use the Favorites/Block list feature, please keep in mind the changes that will be coming.
Please also note that there is no need to do anything on the customer side regarding the new release.