User fee for Conyac Market

Job listings and negotiations with freelancers prior to reaching a contract agreement are free of charge.
Conyac will only charge service fees once a contract with the freelancer(s) is made and the payment to the bilginual user(s) has been agreed upon. The service fees are explained below.

These service fees will vary in amount between 2-15% based on the contract type and price.
In addition, all payments through the Market are on a per request basis.

e.g. You establish a contract on a 100USD job on a "Market Request"
   Job price 100USD + User fee 10USD (tax excl.)
= Client invoice of 110USD (tax excl.)

User Fee
Contract PriceMarket
request ※2
< 1,000USD10%15%
1,000.01USD - 5,000USD5%7.5%
5,000.01USD >2%3%
OptionsPrivate ※1$50

※1 Making your project private will make it hidden from the public. Only logged in translators will be able to see the project.
※2 Product requests are automatically set as private.

Standard/Light request service fees

번역 요금의 지불로, Standard와 Light의 의뢰의 경우 매 건 당 지불, 혹은 월별 플랜의 Light의뢰 비공개 플랜을 제공하고 있습니다.
Light의뢰 비공개 플랜(월별플랜)

Light의뢰는 번역 결과가 다른 유저들도 읽을 수 있도록 공개됩니다.
한 달 1,500엔의 월별 플랜으로 비공개 옵션을 설정할 수 있습니다.
(1,500엔 분의 Light/Standard 의뢰에 사용할 수 있는 쿠폰 크레딧 포함)
Standard 의뢰는 항상 비공개입니다.
Light의뢰 비공개 플랜(월별플랜) $15 / 월 번역 의뢰

Light requestStandard request
PricePrice per request
US$3 per request
Price per character
US$0.06 per character(Source languages for translation: Japanese, Chinese and Korean.)
US$0.015 per character(Source languages for translation: Languages other than Japanese, Chinese and Korean.)
→General translation price list
Request formatEnter text in our Light request formEnter text in our Light request form
Upload file(.txt .docx .xlsx .pptx)
Character count limitations720 characters (240 characters for Japanese, Chinese and Korean)No limitation
Translator levelsAll translators levels are available for Light requestsOnly for translators who have passed the individual level test
Translation results are publicly viewable on the Internet.Public (Private plans are also available) ※1Private
Languages available75 languages18 languages
Options Double check(?)-
Premium request(?)-

※1 If you would like to make your request private you may do so with the monthly private plan.

Payment methods

You can use the following methods to make your payment to Conyac.
Please choose one that is convenient for you.

※ If a payment does not reach the minimum charge of 100JPY ($1), we will charge you additional commissions for 50JPY or $0.5(tax excluded).

Card img

Credit Card

We accept payments with the following credit cards.
(MASTER, VISA, American Express, JCB, Diners)



If you have a PayPal account, you can make your payment through PayPal.

After a new registration, 10 minutes is the shortest amount of time that a translation can be delivered.

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