Polish your English to say exactly what you want to say (while also correcting typographical errors as well as errors in spelling and usage.

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I have been proofreading and copyediting for 4 magazines (2 of which I am the managing editor) for the last 7 years. I have also written well over 100 published articles on many, many topics. My knowledge very eclectic, so I can catch any factual errors that may be in the document as well.
I will take your document and make it sound more natural, more like a native speaker instead of sounding like a classroom lesson. Give me a test and you'll see what I mean.
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Je suis une Américaine qui habite en France depuis 2002. J'ai trois enfants, dont deux sont nés aux USA et la cadette ici, à Lyon. Je suis diplômée en éducation musicale (BMe, Florida State University, 1991). J'ai enseigné la musique aux enfants de 5-11 ans pendant huit ans.
J'ai quitté cet emploi pour ouvrir une école privée en tant que directrice. Après deux ans, nous sommes partis vivre en France. Ici, j'ai travaillé deux ans pour l'Inspection Académique du Rhône en tant que linguiste. Ma tâche était de former les institutrices en anglais. Au cours de la deuxième année, j'ai été embauchée en tant qu'éditrice pour un magazine en anglais à destination des enfants français des cycles 1-2. Pendant ce temps, j'écrivais aussi des articles, faisais la relecture des magazines (en anglais et en français) et corrigeais les textes parfois écrits en anglais par des Français. Nous avons aujourd'hui lancé un deuxième magazine pour les enfants au collège. Je suis chargée d'écrire tous les textes, choisir toutes les illustrations et collaborer avec une graphiste pour la mise en page. Mes autres passions incluent la cuisine, la lecture, la musique et la photographie. En général, je suis très curieuse du monde qui m'entoure et si je ne comprends pas quelque chose, je sais où chercher les réponses. Je fais toujours mon possible pour rendre des textes écrits dans un anglais naturel avant tout.

I am an American living in France. We arrived here in 2002. I have three kids, two of whom were born in the US and the youngest born here. My degree is in Music Education (BMe, Florida State University, 1991). I taught music to primary school children for 8 years. I left the public school system to open a private school and serve as the director. After 2 years at that position, we left the US to live in France. Here, I worked two years with the French Board of Education as a linguist/language assistant. My responsibilities included teaching English to primary school teachers, write linguistic lesson plans and write a newsletter and blog for the English department of the Board of Education. During my second year as a linguist, I was hired to work as the editor in chief of J'apprends l'anglais, a magazine for French children 6-10 years old. I also wrote articles for, proofread and edited our publisher's articles that appeared in the magazines for adult language learners. I have also been a proofreader for the French language magazine. After three years, our publisher launched a new magazine for kids ages 8-14 called Go English Kids. I choose all themes, write all the texts, choose all illustrations and collaborate with a graphic designer who does layout. My other passions include cooking, reading, music and photography. In general, I am very curious about the world around me and if I don't understand something, I know where to find answers. When translating texts from French to English I always try to make the language as natural as possible, the goal being that it doesn't sound like a translation, but rather something written by a native speaker.