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[Translation from 일본어 to 영어 ] ご存知の通り、明日は〇〇にて▽▽が開催されます。 本メールにA社の営業担当であるBさんが作成した資料を添付します CさんにはD社の事例と「●●」につい...

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kamitoki Translated by kamitoki
As you know, we are holding ▽▽, tomorrow, at 〇〇,
I am attaching the files that B made, who is in charge of sales of A company, with this email.
In addition, I will give input in advance regarding the status of requirements of A company.
A company, even in the ◇◇ industry, made practical use of xx, and protected it with their own efforts. They have a way of operating this very rare even in Japan.
In addition, I understand about ClO, among our sales policies, we will proceed with the digitization of the business together with E company. From now on, from □□ onwards, what A company plans to achieve is to do a certain system with around 100 within our own company.
This kind of action in Japan is of an industrial scale to a tenth degree in comparison to F company in proportional value but in our company it is definitely an important account in the opinion of the one in charge.
PS1: The one in charge of sales said that he was sorry that he used C's picture without asking.
PS2: I myself can only partially read and write and understand English but at this point my speaking skills are still lacking.

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