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[Translation from 일본어 to 영어 ] 彼はまだ出社していません。多分8時頃には来ると思います。いつもそれくらいの時間に出社していますので。 もしよければ彼が出社次第あなたが来られたことを伝えま...

Original Texts
kamitoki Translated by kamitoki
He still hasn't gone to work. I think he will come around 8am. That's around when he always goes to work.
If it's alright, I will tell him that you coming will depend if he goes to work. I'm sorry but could you please tell me your name. Please let me know again the intended payment date. If it looks like you don't have the inclination to buy then we will remove your bid. I have checked that the below matter is A. D will reissue G with E's price. Other than that, because it's necessary to take into account the schedule changes, please give us a little more time until it is reissued.
Also, I thought H was already delivered to you.

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