Giulia Roasio (giulia)

約4年前 女性 30代
イタリア語 (ネイティブ) 英語 中国語(簡体字)
文学 ジャーナリズム Arts ゲーム

Freelance translator and aspiring writer, with a deep love for Asia. I've lived in Canada and China and I've been translating mostly to and from English/Italian, and, on occasion, did some Chinese-Italian translations.

Born and raised in Rome, Italy. I've always been interested in languages as I enjoy looking at languages and seeing how different cultures created languages based on their specific qualities. I enrolled in Asian Studies at university and picked Chinese as my manin language and Japanese as second. During my studies in Italy I also traveled to China and then, after my graduation, I decided to carry on my studies from an international standpoint, so I moved to Canada and completed a master in Asia-Pacific Policy Studies.
While abroad English was so essential to me that it somewhat became like a first language, since I work mainly on English texts in my studies and personal life. I have some experience with editing and proofreading for journal articles translated into English, and with translations for tv shows and dramas, both from English and Chinese. When in Vancouver I also started teaching English to foreigners and now I'm still teaching Italian as first and second language to immigrants and English.
Recently I've been trying to expand my freelance work and I've dedicated myself to online translations for gaming guides, children's books and novels and would love to keep working in the field and use my language skills to introduce people to foreign cultures and art, whether it's literature, cinema or music.

Traduttrice freelance Inglese-Italiano ed Italiano-Inglese, con in aggiunta intermedia conoscenza della lingua Cinese Mandarino e conoscenza di base del Giapponese. Esperienze di vita all'estero in Cina e Canada e familiarità con l'ambiente internazionale. Esperienze di traduzione in guide per giochi, libri per bambini e romanzi.


取得年月 免許・資格名 点数・級
2017/10 CELTA pass
TOEFL 108/120


期間 学校・大学名
2011/9 - 2012/11 University of British Columbia
2004/9 - 2009/1 Università La Sapienza di Roma


期間 州・都道府県 市区郡
2011/9 - 2012/11 カナダ British Columbia Vancouver
2007/3 - 2007/7 中国 Beijing


言語ペア 分野 経験年数 詳細(翻訳内容など) 翻訳例
英語 → イタリア語 文学 3年 Novels and short stories
英語 → イタリア語 Arts 5~10年 Subtitles, for anime, dramas and movies
英語 → イタリア語 ゲーム 3年 Videogames guides
イタリア語 → 英語 ジャーナリズム 3年 Articles on Asia, translations and proofreading


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