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When expanding overseas, do you have these problems?

Lack of understanding of overseas customs and culture

There is a limit to the amount of information you can search in English. It is certainly difficult to grasp the real voices of your target audience just by searching the internet. There are many people who feel they are unable to overcome language barriers to reach the information they need.

Uncertainty that your translated work is not getting through to your target audience

If your message doesn't get through to your target audience, it is pointless even if you have gone to the effort of having it translated. Wherever it is necessary, you should want to change the expression of your translated work and product slogans to better reach your target audience.

Lack of specialists within your reach to discuss overseas marketing

Surely there are many who struggle to actually decide which countries to develop their company's products and services. It would be great to have someone with thorough knowledge of overseas marketing, especially online marketing to freely consult with.

Conyac solves your problems and uncertainties when expanding overseas with ease!

98,000 users ready for your questions around the clock

Users registered with Conyac are all bilinguals highly familiar with overseas customs and culture. Without having to directly head out to your target area, you can easily through Conyac, request users in your target area to conduct research and surveys. Also as the majority of bilingual users can converse in English, you can make your requests in English and directly communicate with these users.

Broad support for localization, from translation to native checks

At Conyac, we offer two types of translation services to match your needs. Even large jobs can be taken up by multiple translators and be completed in a short period of time. Furthermore, you can also request for a bilingual user to check and edit a translation job to make sure that it will get across to your target audience, using the most natural phrasing. Please feel free to also request checks for wording in apps which have already gone through the localization process.

Total support for your company's overseas expansion

At Conyac, we deal with marketing methods such as building multilingual websites, and overseas SEO strategies just to name a few, as well as handle your consulting needs during your expansion overseas. Our specialist staff, together with our bilingual users with detailed knowledge of your target area, provide comprehensive support for your company's expansion overseas. We provide free individual consultation so please feel free to consult us using the inquiry form.

Over 98,000 registered bilinguals from 100 countries!

The number of bilingual users active on Conyac has risen to over 98,000 people. Putting their individual talents to use, they are ready to provide comprehensive support for your company's expansion overseas.


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At Conyac we also provide total support through our specialist staff for your overseas expansion. From overseas marketing to SEO strategies, we support your company's overseas expansion, together with our bilingual users. For further details, please make an inquiry by the following options.