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1. Sulit.com.ph

Sulit.com.ph is one of the earliest players in e-commerce in the country, founded in September 2006. Sulit is a classified ads site wherein members simply post anything they want to sell – brand new or not – and sellers directly coordinate with the seller. After some seven years, it still currently leads the e-commerce space with 13.7 million recorded visitors and 289 million pageviews in March 2013. With all that traction from Filipino consumers, Sulit has also ventured to cater to niche markets with SulitCars and SulitRealEstate. And just last week, it announced its acquisition of car advertisement site Pinoy Auto Trader.


Sulit.com.phは、2006年9月に操業され、この国において最も早くe‐コマースに参入したうちの一つである。Sulitは、公告サイトであり、会員は、ただ売りたいものを載せるだけ(新品、中古を問わず)で、売り手は直接、売り手(訳者注:買い手の間違い?)と調整するような仕組みだ。7年ほど経った今も、同サイトは、2013年3月に、1億3千7百万ほどの利用者と、2億8千9百万の閲覧数を記録し、e‐コマースの場として主導的な位置を占める。これだけのフィリピン消費者のトラクションを以てしてもなお、Sulitは、SulitCarsや、SulitRealEstateのようなニッチな市場に乗り出している。つい先週、Sulitは、車の広告サイトのPinoy Auto Traderの買収を発表した。

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Those prices are if you pay by wire transfer (no paypal they charge 3 % extra charges, so I would have to increase my quote)
Are you saying 10 each item or total of 10 between all the items.

With only 10-30 units total, the best way to ship will be UPS, but shipping goes up to about $10 per unit this way.

Most wire transfers can be handled via a computer via your banks

Most of the time it takes 1-2 weeks to get ordered and delivered to us from NIKE. Then we ship it out to you.
So figure an extra $10 per unit for the shipping.
If you want to place an order let me know and I will figure out a total price for you to wire transfer and I will then provide you banking information.






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To this end, a bipartisan group of Senators are re-introducing the STEM Jobs Act — which stands for “science, technology, engineering and mathematics” — that aims to reallocate up to 55,000 new green cards to foreign students in U.S. universities who graduate with advanced degrees in these fields. The proposal will also create triggers for further increases depending on market demand, and aims to keep families together by granting visas to eligible family members, as well. “The STEM Jobs Act allows employers to fill their talent needs with foreign graduates of U.S. universities with advanced degrees in STEM so that they can continue creating jobs and growing our economy.”


そのようなことを目的とし、上院の超党派は、STEM Jobs Actという、S(科学)T(技術)E(工学)M(数学)の頭文字をとった法案を再提出した。これにより、55,000までのグリーンカードを、これらの分野における高級学位を取得した在米の留学生に再配分しようという狙いだ。この提案は市場のニーズの高さによっては更に数を拡大させるきっかけにもなるだろうし、もう一つの目的としては、受給資格を認められた外国人の家族も同様にビザを発給し、アメリカに留めるということである。「STEM Job Actにより、事業主たちは、科学、技術、工学、数学の分野でアメリカの大学で高級学位を取得した留学生という人材確保が可能となり、雇用の創出、ひいてはアメリカの経済の発展に貢献し続けることができるようになるのです」

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“Right now there are brilliant students from all around the world sitting in classrooms at our top universities,” Obama said. “They are earning degrees in the fields of the future like engineering and computer science. But once they finish school, once they earn that diploma, there’s a good chance they’ll have to leave our country.”

Other countries have their own versions of the startup visa, too. Notably, Canada’s startup visa program will take effect by April this year. Both the U.S. and Canada have their own “entrepreneur” visa, although these usually come with bigger investment requirements.