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After the end of the final episode of the second series, Moffat and Gatiss both announced on Twitter that a third series had been commissioned at the same time as series two,[60] and a part of the resolution to "The Reichenbach Fall" was filmed concurrently with series two.[58] Production was originally set to begin in January 2013, but due to 'availability reasons' the filming of series three was pushed back to March 2013.
Martin Freeman said in an interview filming would begin on 18 March.[62] Gatiss has confirmed that he will write the first episode of the third series, and that it would be 'loosely based' on "The Adventure of the Empty House", in which Conan Doyle revealed that Holmes had faked his death



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Thanks for getting in touch - I’m sorry the Sweatshirt does not look like it does on our website.

If you can send the incorrect item back to us within 28 days, we'll arrange a refund and drop you an email to let you know it's been done.

Please fill in the section on the back of your delivery note to say the item is incorrect and put the note in your parcel when you send it back.

Make sure you ask for proof of postage, as I can refund the postage costs for you. Simply complete the attached form and email back to us along with your proof of postage – or you could fax them to us on 0044 1442 840 278. Remember to include your name and order number on the form.




郵送料も返金いたしますので、郵送料の証明書を発行してもらうようによろしくお願いします。ただ、添付してある用紙を完成させて、私たちに郵送料証明と一緒に、メールで送り返していただければ大丈夫です。ーまたは、0044 1442 840 278までそれらをファックスで送っていただくことも可能です。