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The deep mutual engagement that comes with pitching is first and foremost the beginning of a discovery process. If neither the founder nor the funder wants to invest the emotional energy that this implies, please change careers or don’t start a company. There are plenty of jobs in banking and elsewhere.

In conclusion, here are my seven tips for good pitch meetings:

1. Selling-based pitches suck. Engagement is the way to go.

2. Pitching is not a statistical game aimed at increasing your odds to be funded but a discovery process to learn. Less noise, more substance is what we all want. Avoid useless pitching every time you can.




1. 売り込みベースのピッチは最悪だ。興味を引き立てるのが良案である。

2. ピッチとは、出資を受ける確率を上げるのを目的とした統計学的ゲームではなく、学ぶための発見プロセスだ。雑音が少なく、内容が多いのが狙いである。意味のないピッチは出来る限り避けるべきだ。

taklicious English → Japanese
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Far too often we act in a way that we believe others want us to act. If you allow yourself to fall into this trap, you are being dishonest. And by living dishonestly, you will find that those who are following your lead will live dishonestly as well.
Perhaps you will discover that some-things are important to you that you consider less than satisfactory. This is your opportunity to change your guiding principles. Perhaps you see your role as a boss as simply making people do what you want or you find that you work simply because you need to have the money. If you truly feel that way and don't like it, reprioritize your life. Remind yourself of the values that you aspire to have in your life.