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I understand you are special order for your customer, and I have the following suggestion.

For all our international customer, we will need approve from them in order to process the order because of the freight charge(some international customer ask us to arrange international shipping which is rather expensive) Since you have a US freight forward and a credit card on file, would you like to change your payment term as credit card in default (Your first order was wired). In that case, your future order will be shipped within 1-2 days, which is much faster, but the downside is you will not know the freight cost ahead; however, our domestic freight is really reasonable.




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Please be informed that TheDoubleF.com prefers that third parties (including buyers) do not copy and publish on their web site the TheDoubleF.com's graphics, wording and pictures of the products and any other content.

As a consequence we kindly invite all our customers/buyers to use their own pictures, and digital contents.

We have our return policies as well and we are asking you this because the reimport of goods would imply new custom duties, be aware that these duties would be on you.

Please note that, if you are interested to deliver the product to the final customer with your own branded packaging, we could send you our neutral packaging without our logo. Please inform us previously to the order.






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We could stop the shipment, but there is a cost to return it to Spain (about 65 euros). If you still want to cancel the orders, let me know and we will issue a refund of the cost of the blu-rays except for the cost of returning. But it would be easier if you could keep them... we can offer a 20% discount on the price if you decide to keep the orders and not cancelling it.
Let me know your prefereneces.

Your orders were shipped last 10th July, 2 days before you asked for cancelation. We are trying to stop the shipment (it's currently in Netherlands ready to be shipped to Japan)... If we cannot, we won't be able to return the money until you return the products and we receive them.




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結末: 調査結果







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Dear Seller,

Greeting From Amazon Seller Support.

My name is Bittu and I am the associate who has been assigned to handle the concern that you have raised through this case.

I understand your concern for VAT transaction report from where you can calculate the VAT from Seller central.

As per your previous reply I would like to inform you that once you go on report section and choose fulfilment by amazon you will find at the right hand corner Tax section from where you can download the VAT transaction report.

However the previous link which i have provided was for Amazon VAT Transactions Report where you can download the report for the month which you require.

Please login to seller central before accessing the link:





あなたのセラーアカウントのVAT算出からVAT 取引報告に関する問題だと理解しております。

満足度を選択していた出来ますと、右端にTax 欄が御座います。そこからVAT 取引報告をダウンロードしてください。

しかし、前回私が提供致しましたのはAmazon VAT Transactions Report でした。そこであなたがご希望の月間報告をダウンロード出来ます。