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For more information about creating removal orders, go to this page:

To ensure consistent customer satisfaction,'s quality standards are high, and items deemed acceptable for sale at retail stores may not be acceptable here. Scratches, bends, or discoloration will force us to deem a Unit as unsellable. Further, although items may be shipped in pristine condition and handled here with the utmost care, damage may be incurred during shipment to our facilities.

We do understand that there are situations, where buyer may misuse the system in-spite of having dedicated teams and systems in place to take action against buyers who are violating.





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We do consider this and would certainly work to improve our surveillance over violating buyers. Having said that, we at Amazon genuinely consider seller experience as the prime factor in our day to day operations.

We genuinely believe that doing the right thing for the customer builds a larger, happier community of customers and therefore increases sales of all merchandise on We do understand your view for the return policy, that the buyer might be misusing the system, please note that we have taken necessary measures to identify buyers misusing our system by checking automatically as well as manually and will certainly take necessary action if identified.




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An inside look at Rakuten’s expansion and investment plans for wider Asia

Things are looking up for the region’s e-commerce scene with a recent spate of activities involving the 3 Rs — Rocket Internet, Reebonz, and Rakuten. Rocket Internet and Reebonz have come under the spotlight for their massive funding rounds, while Rakuten – a Japanese e-commerce giant with USD 4.7B revenue — has made a USD 10M commitment to invest in startups from Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Although Rocket and Reebonz are somewhat known entities within the startup crowd in the region, Rakuten is just starting to make its presence felt, at least outside Japan.



Things are looking up for the region’s e-commerce scene with a recent spate of activities involving the 3 Rs — Rocket Internet, Reebonz, and Rakuten.
近年、アジア地域では、3RといわれるRocket Internet、Reebonz、楽天の3社の活動が盛んで、Eコマースが伸びてきている。Rocket InternetとReebonzは、巨額の資金で脚光を浴びているが、収益470億ドルを誇る日本のEコマース大手の楽天は、台湾やタイ、インドネシア、マレーシアを拠点とするスタートアップに1,000万ドルの投資をすると発表した。

Rocket InternetとReebonzは、地域のstartupの間で少しは知られている企業であるが、楽天は、少なくとも国外では、これから存在感を増そうという段階である。

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To get a better picture of its regional plans, we spoke to two senior Rakuten executives: Toru Shimada (Thomas), the company’s Asia CEO, and Anh Sae Min, managing partner of Rakuten Ventures.

SGE: Where do you see Rakuten in two years?

Thomas: Rakuten will continue to accelerate our global expansion to include like-minded companies to join our family as we expand our scope, scale and geography.
We will look for partners and investments which will help us move faster than we could through organic growth, and make strategic allocations of corporate resources and active investments in high-growth areas such as e-books to generate mid-to-long term income opportunities.


楽天の地域計画をより理解するため、同社アジア担当CEOである島田亨(Thomas)氏とRakuten Venturesの業務執行社員であるAnh Sae Min氏の2人の上級幹部にお話を伺った。


Thomas: 楽天は、同じ考えを持つ企業に楽天グループに参加していただき、分野や規模、地理的に拡大することにより、世界規模の展開を加速的に行なっていきます。

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Rakuten Asia will become an even more important and bigger driver of Rakuten’s global business.

It made the decision to invest more in Asia 5 years ago. We first expanded our Asia footprint in Taiwan in 2008, followed by Thailand the year after, Indonesia in 2011 and Malaysia in 2012. Based on our success to date and the current market opportunities, Rakuten will continue to deepen our focus and invest more in Asia in the next few years to speed up the growth of our business in the region.

We will stay committed to keeping pace with Asia’s evolving Internet landscape and become more competitive in the region and achieve our goal of becoming the number one internet service company in the world.


Rakuten Asiaは、楽天の世界展開において、さらに重要かつ大きな役割を担うことになるでしょう。



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Some startups may have a good product but may have problems distributing or marketing it across the region and in Japan. Rakuten is in the best position to assist. Rakuten will also share its experience in dealing with millions of consumers online.

Where do you see the future of the APAC’s start-up scene?

Sae Min: Judging from how dynamic the market is, it will be very hard to predict what the startup scene will be like in Asia in 5 years, much less 2 years. What Rakuten sees as very significant is the bevy of great technology-based startups coming out of Southeast Asia.




Sae Min氏: 市場の動きが速いことを考えれば、5年後にアジアでスタートアップの環境がどうなっているかは予想するのが大変難しく、2年後でさえも困難です。楽天が重要だと考えているのは、東南アジアを拠点とする高度な技術を持った数々のスタートアップです。

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For many years now, and for many years to come, Asia has and will continue to overshadow western economies and will remain one of the fastest-growing regions in the world.

With so many opportunities in Asia now, it is no doubt a great time to invest here. These are exciting times for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Which industries will the USD 10M fund be invested in?

Rakuten is always on the lookout for like-minded companies to join our family. This means our USD10M fund will be used to support like-minded startups in the region, incorporate them into Rakuten’s strong e-commerce ecosystem and establish synergy.






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We are looking for great teams, great technologies and great leaders. We are looking for people with passion and the will to change the status quo of things. We want companies that have strong technology stacks which are pliable and scalable using existing business platforms.

We do not have a bias in investment size and are willing to work with other investors. Diversity never hurts in such an environment.

For me personally, I am interested in verticals like payment infrastructure, disruptive financial services and content consumption/creation platforms.

The fund itself is a little more than two months old so Rakuten is working hard to build our own investment perspectives in the market.