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You are the only one who didn't. The las time I bought from you the 2 reels I also had to pay 30 $ custom charges. It is too bad to happen like this. You must learn to write 30 $ value on packages when sending to EUROPE, because here custom charges are very high and in this rate we cannot buy anymore stuff from you. I am sorry, I do not know how to solve this. We still may have a chance to convince the customs in my country if you write a new INVOICE of 40$ and send it to me via email. Maybe this way the customs in my country will accept and charge me 27% of 40$ and not 27% of 400$. What do you say ? Can you send me an invoice for this used reel of 40$ ?



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I appreciate this item is being sent from Japan, to reach the UK, do you have any idea when it is expected to arrive? It is for my son's birthday in a week's time.

Hello Naminori, the tracking number you have given me, does not work... i typed in ●●●, but it says it is invaild.

I understand that my order was held at customs here in the Uk. I paid the charge however the item was never delivered. Having rung the courier company Parcel Force, they have now informed me it has been sent back to the sender (yourselves).

Can you please confirm that when you receive the returned item you will give me a full refund to the card that was charged?




運送業者の Parcel Force社に連絡をしてみたのですが、商品は送り主(あなた)に返品されたとのことでした。


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I have a 12 degree true loft SLDR 460 Tour 12 head in stock. I will invoice you now for that.

For the items below, the only difference between the Tour 3 and the Tour Spoon is that they are different stamped lofts. The Tour 3 is a 14.5 head and the Tour Spoon is a 13 degree. If you want an actual loft in that range, you would need a 13 degree Tour Spoon since the 14.5 Tour 3 will have a higher actual loft.

I have one RBZ Tour Spoon (non-Proto head) 13* in stock that is a true loft of 14*.

$100 per head is the best price that I can do including shipping. I do not have those in stock and will have to order them, but if you send payment now for that I will get them to you as quickly as possible.



現在、12 degree true loft SLDR 460 Tour 12 ヘッドの在庫があります。商品のインボイスをお送りしますので、ご確認下さい。

以下の商品につきまして、Tour 3と Tour Spoonの唯一の違いはロフトの刻印です。Tour 3 は14.5ヘッドですが、Tour Spoon では13 degreeとなっています。その種類のリアルロフトをご希望の場合は、14.5 Tour 3のリアルロフトは高めの為、13 degree Tour Spoonをご使用になる必要があります。

また、RBZ Tour Spoon(プロト無しのヘッド)13*(14*.のリアルロフト)も一つ在庫があります。