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I joined this company after leaving my previous job.
Three years after working as an SE upon the graduation of a university, I left the company to join an IT venture company.
I worked as a content producer at the IT company providing digital contents for cell phones.
During the time when I worked for the IT company, I created the digital content for the company I am currently working for, and I came to toy with the idea of wanting to continue this job. One day I found that my current company was looking for a new employee, and so I applied for a position. They interviewed me three or four times and I got a job. My mission now is to turn TV contents into an appropriate format for smart phones and deliver it. To do so, I make various innovative efforts.

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Thank you for your very quick response.

I look forward to receiving the information on disassembly procedures and a new battery.

By the way, it is difficult to return the battery that may have caused this failure because it is treated as an aviation dangerous article.
In these years, Li-ion batteries have become a very sensitive article for transportation, and because of this reason I have given up sending them many times.

Here are the standards for major Japanese delivery companies.

This product using x of a electric cell in the x body is applicable to the restricted items.

To be sure, I will check with FedEx.
For my information, did it pass the UN battery test?
*Identification number required

Also, I will look into any other better way to ship.