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The post office told me Customs is holding the package and that I need to wait until they send me a letter which could be up to 45 days telling me why they're holding it. I am not happy about this I'm not going to wait 45 days and then who knows how much longer do what I gotta do to prove or what you're going to have to do to prove because all I got is an order through a website so if I don't hear from them in a couple days I just want my money back. Thank you and get back to me as soon as possible on what we're going to do about this I am not happy. Karl



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thanks so much for your reply. I already have a 1988 LH 330 FG and two LH 12 string Rickys.
I'm searching for a LH Jetglo short scale 325 - simple as that. Unfortuntely Rickenbacker never produced a 325C64 Miami for Leftys - to my knowledge. But there were a few LH 325V59 JG or 325V63 JG produced. I'm not sure, if Rickenbacker ever produced a left handed Jetglo 325C58.

7,5 Billion people on this planet and no lefthand 325 for sale - unbelievable.

The next big hurdle is to find a Gibson J160E in sunburst. I really hope, that Gibson will produce a limited run of J160Es again, but no one knows.

So please keep me in mind when you see or hear about one of these two guitars of desire.


ご返答してくれてありがとう。私はすでに1988 LH 330 FGと2本のLH12ストリング・リッキーを持っています。
私は、LH Letgloショート・スケール325を探しています - 簡単に言うとそういうことです。残念ながら、Rickenbackerは左利きのために325C64マイアミを製造しませんでした - 私の知る限りですが。しかし何本かLH 325V59 JG あるいは325V63 JGが製造されていました。 Rickenbackerが左利き用のJetglo 325C58を製造したかどうかは、分かりません。

この世には、75億人いるのに、左利き用の325は販売されていません -信じがたい。



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need your help.

I am professional full time musician and looking for mainly passive basses but also 4 string Atelier Z M245 models.

I only play 4 string basses and need them to be lightweight at 4.3 kilos or less .

The neck fingerboard bridge and truss rod must be in perfect working condition.

I also need them to be inexpensive so less than 1400 USD including EMS shipping.

The models I am interested in are Moon JB4 , Moon PB4 , Moon JJ4 and Atelier Z M245 models.I especially like pickups with a closed cover such as Bartolini.

Here is our live video www.frankenphil.com/live-video



私はフルタイムのプロのミュージシャンで、主にパッシブ・ベースを探しているのですが、4弦のAtelier Z M245モデルを探しています。




私が興味を持っているモデルは、Moon JB4、 Moon PB4、Moon JJ4そしてAtelier Z M245モデルです。私は特にBartoliniなどのクローズド・カバーのついたピックアップが好きです。


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What the Average Life Expectancy Will Be in 2050
Talking about the future makes people more uncomfortable than wearing itchiest wool sweater in the world. While there’s a lot of uncertainty, most of us can safely expect to live a lot longer than our ancestors. Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the average life expectancy for Americans is 78.8. This shows an uptick from even a few years ago, and it looks like it’s going to keep growing. Pew Research Center projected one out of every five Americans will be age 65 or older by 2050, and at least 400,000 people will be 100 or older.


未来について語ると人々は、世界でもっとかゆくなるウールのセーターを着るよりも居心地が悪くなる。多くの不確実性がある一方で、私たちのほとんどは、先祖よりも一層長く生きるだろうと確実に考える可能性がある。今日、疾病対策センター(CDC)は、アメリカ人の平均寿命を78.8歳と推測している。これは、数年前よりも上昇していることを示し、その上昇は続きそうである。ピュー・リサーチセンター(Pew Research Center)は、2050年までにアメリカ人の5人に1人は65歳以上になるだろうと推定し、また少なくとも400,000人の人たちは、100歳以上になるだろうと推定している。

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Now for a more detailed breakdown on what’s already happened and what’s to come. According to the National Institute on Aging, life expectancy increased by around three months per year between 1840 and 2007. In East Asia, the life expectancy at birth has increased by almost 30 years since 1950, growing from 45 to 74. As for the future, the Los Angeles Times mentions life expectancy in Japan will increase to 90.9 years in 2050 from 82.9 in 2000.
The story is similar for Europe and the U.S. The Atlantic notes Sweden saw an increase from 45 years to 83 years for women from 1840 to 2014. The same story said Americans saw their projected age of death rise from 47 to 79 from the beginning of the 20th century to today.



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Similarly, in a recent study by Mayo Clinic, researchers were able to increase the lifespan of mice by 35% by removing senescent cells, which slows the rate of wear and tear on organs and tissues that naturally occurs over time. Although neither of these studies have been replicated using humans, they offer a glimpse of what may be in the future.
This might sound great, but the possibilities of radical life extension bring a lot of debate about what advancements could mean for society. Pew Research Center conducted a survey of more than 2,000 American adults in 2013, and more than half of those surveyed had never heard about potential life extension before.



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Pokestops named after fountains, lakes or water attractions tend to attract Water types. Also a PokeStop named after a local “fire monument” attracted Ponytas, Growlithes and Geodudes regularly.Both scenarios happened after a Lure Module was activated. From our experience this did not happen every time, but it happened often enough for local players to start referring to the “fire monument” as “that Ponyta place“.
More players have reported observing similar phenomena in the comment section of the original thread, with some claiming that Magikarp is attracted to Lures placed near fish markets and that Ghastly regularly appears near a haunted mansion PokeStop.



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I tested it today. I went to a pokestop called DinoPond that is located in a pet store. It’s nowhere near water. I lured it and went fishing. Lo and behold this is what I caught. I’m going to test this out at other Pokestops AND when we can submit new pokestops it should help us in deciding what to name the pokestop. I included the “sighting” pic to show you that there were no wild water types nearby. Oh and thanks to EvolutionaryTheorist for picking the DinoPond as my first testing site.”
Even though this evidence is not conclusive and the data set is too small to make any conclusions at this point, we have observed a similar trend.



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I want to purchase several items you have listed. I also have a problem with trying to purchase a Pentel Graphlet PG507 0.7mm size drafting pencil with labeling that matches my other Pentel Graphlet pencils. My other pencils all read Graphlet 0.3mm, Graphlet 0.4mm, Graphlet 0.5mm & Graphlet 0.9mm Pentel PG509, while the 0.7mm size reads 0.7mm Graph 500 Pentel PG507.

So far, I have purchased 3 of the 0.7mm size pencils that the listing photograph showed as Graphlet 0.7mm, but when they arrived, all their labels read 0.7mm Graph 500. What does the label of your pencil look like?
I have attached a photograph that illustrates my problem.


あなたが出品している中の何点かを購入したいと思います。私はペンテルのグラフレットPG507 0.7mmサイズの製図用鉛筆を、これは私が持っている他のペンテルの鉛筆とラベル表示が同じものなのですが、購入するのにてこずっています。私の他の鉛筆はグラフレット0.3mm、グラフレット0.4mm、グラフレット0.5mm 及びグラフレット0.9mmのペンテル PG 509なのですが、0.7mmサイズは、0.7mm グラフ500 ペンテルPG507です。


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You want me to pay for shipping on my end. After getting the lens in that bad shape that it was, I did not want to trust spending another $66.00 on shipping it back to you. If the lens gets lost or you decide to keep it, I am out the original price of the Minolta and the cost of shipping.
I would not have wrote a bad review if The Minolta Lens would have been in better shape. It was not worth the money you charge me and I did not want to lose anymore. I cannot even sell it for what you charged me. I feel I deserve a partial refund or you need to send me a slip to my house to send back the lens to you back in Japan.