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There are many beautiful places around Greece where you can learn about history and enjoy culture and Nature.
Yukio Mishima described his visit to Greece as the beginnings of his real philosophical thought and a great awakening.
Also, an academic, Yoshida Atsuhiko, has written extensively on ancient mythological relations between Japan and Greece.
Lafcadio Hearn, of course, was half Greek (on his mother's side). His house of birth is preserved in Lefkada island and also a bronze bust in his memory.

I attach 2 pics from Syros.

Please feel absolutely free to call anytime to ask me about anything concerning Greece.

A million thanks for all you have done for me.

Truly yours, m( )m


Lafcadio Hearnはもちろん、ギリシャ人とのハーフ(母親の側で)でした。 彼の出生した家がレフカダ島に保存されており、また彼の記憶にはブロンズの胸像が残っています。





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after the Distributor's receipt of the Products and the Distributor shall be deemed to have accepted all the Products for which no notice of rejection has been received by the Manufacturer prior to the expiration of such 2 day period.

Products so rejected shall be returned to the Manufacturer within [30] days after written notice of such rejection of Products is sent to the Manufacturer unless the Manufacturer sends the Distributor written notice of instructions with regard to the disposal of such defective Products. Any Products returned pursuant hereto shall, if requested by the Manufacturer, be shipped by the Distributor to a delivery point designated by the Manufacturer, freight prepaid.



このように却下された製品は、製造業者がそのような欠陥製品の処分に関する書面による通知を販売者に送付しない限り、その製品の拒絶の書面による通知が製造業者に送られた後、[30]日以内に製造業者に返却されるものとする。 本書に基づいて返品された製品は、製造業者の要請があれば、ディストリビューターによって製造業者が指定した配送場所に出荷され、貨物は前払いされなければならない。

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car booking with the following information:

I note that I need to pick up the car at "Fukuoka Airport International Terminal (TEL: 092-415-1129). However, I still have the following questions or issues:

1) Where exactly is the location for me to pick up the car in Fukuoka Airport?
2) I will have 7 people including 5 adults and 3 children and a few luggage. Is it possible for me to have a car in the same class, i.e., Nissan Serena or similar but with a bigger luggage storage capacity?
3) If you are not the responsible officer for my case, could you please forward my email to him/her.

My booking information sheet is also attached for your kind reference.






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Good Afternoon!

Regarding the below mail, please note below the same:-

-280012 have the distress TAN finishing.

With the TAN finishing, distress effect is applied.

-The other products 280005, 280004, 280017, and 280018 have the TAN finishing.

No distress effect is applied.

-I would like to make you remember, that earlier the leather chair (280017) was supposed to be shipped with the distress effect,

but as the color variation was coming due to which you requested to change the finishing by only removing Distress effect.

You requested to keep the chair plain(TAN finishing).

If any issue please let me know.

Kindly Confirm.






- 他の製品280005、280004、280017、および280018はTAN仕上げです。






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Dear Seller,

Greeting From Amazon Seller Support.

My name is Bittu and I am the associate who has been assigned to handle the concern that you have raised through this case.

I understand your concern for VAT transaction report from where you can calculate the VAT from Seller central.

As per your previous reply I would like to inform you that once you go on report section and choose fulfilment by amazon you will find at the right hand corner Tax section from where you can download the VAT transaction report.

However the previous link which i have provided was for Amazon VAT Transactions Report where you can download the report for the month which you require.

Please login to seller central before accessing the link:





私は、seller centralからVATを計算することができるVAT取引レポートに関するあなたの懸念を理解しています。


しかし私が以前提供したリンクはAmazon VAT Transactions Reportの為のもので、必要な月のレポートをダウンロードすることができます。

リンクにアクセスする前に、seller centralにログインして下さい:

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Please understand we do not want to provide unwanted information or any unwanted action on our valued sellers account which may lead to any inconvenience to you.

We endeavour to provide the best service and aim to contribute in the best way to fulfil all the needs of our valued Sellers. I appreciate the time you have taken to write to us.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to write back to us in a new case. We will be glad to help you resolve it.

We would also like to wish you luck for all your future endeavours.

Have a pleasant day

Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?







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This is to inform you that we are ready with sample and we understand from our logistics team that they have approach multiple courier company for say DHL, FedEx , UPS & Aramex.

But from here India they reuse to accept this cargo as courier base. We and our logistic are searching or some other option and get it solved and share outcomes.

Normally for your info only we send this stick to other buyers in other country as cargo commercial mode, is this accepted by your good company ?

Pls advice and take note of above, Shall keep you posted with progress and expedite the process as all Indian Courier carrier are facing probs for this product service as courier base.



しかし、ここインドでは、この貨物を宅配便として受け入れて再利用しています。 私たちとロジスティックチームは、検索やその他のオプションを使って解決し、結果を共有しています。