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- 2 in 1! Fun cuddly character with light unit providing both night time comfort and fun play
- Soft cuddly pal doubles up as reassuring night light to take to bed
- Squeeze his funnel to make his face light up

The Thomas the Tank Engine Go Glow Pal® is a perfect nighttime friend for your little engine driver!
As well as being fun to play with, this cuddly engine will also ‘keep guard’ during the night.
His face gently lights up when you press his funnel offering night time comfort, as well as great play value.
The light will automatically switch off after 15 minutes, when little ones have fallen asleep,
So this unique soft toy acts as a play pal, a useful night light and also a great night time friend.


・2倍楽しめる! ライトがつくので夜も安心、遊ぶときも楽しい、かわいいキャラクター


cielo_translation English → Japanese ★★★★☆ 4.0
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Companies like Baidu and UC Web call apps like Baidu Mobile super app that hopes to meet all the needs of mobile Internet users so that they’d stick with their apps. But the search engine and Baidu’s own services/content cannot bring everything to users. One big problem is native apps that cannot be accessed directly in Baidu Mobile. That’s why Baidu and UC Web tried to have all developers convert their native apps into web apps — Baidu calls them Light Apps –which can be included in their apps and are more search friendly. Baidu Mobile app has included a web app store for users to consume apps or content without leaving the app.


BaiduやUC Webといった企業は、 Baidu Mobileのようなアプリをスーパー アプリと呼び、ユーザが離れていかないよう、モバイル インターネット ユーザの全てのニーズに応えようとする。しかし、サーチエンジンとBaidu独自のサービスとコンテンツでは、ユーザに全てを提供することはできない。1つの大きな問題は、Baidu Mobile内で直接アクセスできない、ネイティブ アプリである。BaiduやUC Webが、全ての開発者に、それぞれのネイティブ アプリをウェブ アプリへと変換させようと試みたのはそのためである。BaiduはそれをLight Appsと呼ぶが、これは彼らのアプリへの取り込みが可能で、検索もしやすい。Baidu Mobileアプリは、ウェブ アプリ ストアを組み込み、ユーザがアプリから出ることなく、アプリやコンテンツを使用できるようにした。

cielo_translation English → Japanese ★★★★★ 5.0
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Yes we lost the transmission due to a hot converter. It boiled out the fluid 3 times do to getting very hot. We changed the transmission at the fuel pit at race mile 512 and we were only an hour down on time, but electrical issues would cause the light to go out on the truck after that. Driver Gary was not willing to get stuck in the dark so we pulled out of the race at mile 567. We were running with the leaders all day and Mark did a great job for 500 miles!!

Send me your address and I’ll ship you a Large shirt, and Hat.

We are racing this weekend in Las Vegas for the Best in the Desert race final.

Happy holidays




週末、ラスベガスでBest in the Desertレースのファイナルに参加する予定です。