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My two sisters are staying at my house since last month so I've been busy with chores and taking care of four kids. On top of that, my second oldest sister has health complication during pregnancy. This week my oldest sister gave a birth to a baby and he (or she - not specified in the original text) is so cute!

I wasn't sure because of my poor English skill, but are you OK with ○ and ○ being shipped together? If not, please let me know the product names of the ones you want to ship together.

The shop I go to is ◇ and they didn't have ○, so do you mind if I order them online? It will cost for shipping. As for ○, I have already ordered it. I will let you know the shipping cost for SAL to Canada as soon as I get both items.

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When I sent it with EMS, I accidentally put your previous address on the document.
I noticed right after I made the mistake and immediately changed it to the new address.
I was worried that the change will not be made instantly, but the post office clerk told me that it will be fine.
However, they called me the next day and said that the address change was not processed in time.
I looked at the tracking number and it said that the item was shipped yesterday to your address. If you still haven't received the item, it is highly likely that it's sitting at your previous place. Is it possible for you to go there to pick up the item? I am very sorry to cause you inconvenience and hope to get back from you soon.

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⇒ Feature:
1. Waterproof Wire endoscope
2. High resolution With 1/6 COMS camera
3. 4 LED low lux luminance lights can work better when the light is dark
4. XP system can watch video directly without install software, Vista or Win 7 need use our software which in the CD
5, Can take photo and save it on your PC
6. Can record video, and save the video on your PC

⇒ How to adjust the LED brightness:
4 LED more bright
LED brightness adjust

⇒ How to use software for take video and photo
Step1: Put CD to CD-RPM
Step2: Copy the file RsCap1.10 to the your PC disc
Step3: contact our USB Wire com to your PC and open RsCap1.10


1. 防水ワイヤー内視鏡
2. 高画質 1/6 COMSカメラ内臓
3. ライトが暗いときには、4つのLED低ルクスの輝度ライトが性能を発揮
4. XPシステムでは、ソフトウェアをインストールしなくても直接ビデオを見ることができます。Vistaまたはウィンドウズ7では、CDのソフトウェアが必要です。
5. 撮った写真をPC上に保存することができます



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Step4: Open the software and click” file”,choose ”Set capture file” to set video or photo save file.
Step5: Click ”capture”, if you wont record video ,click “start capture”,
    click again to stop it .if you want take a photo ,click the “shapshot” for take photo

Function items; Spec Description
Camera; 1/6” VGA COMS
Pixel; VGA 300K
Resolution; 640×480,352×288,320×240,176×144,160×120
Capture; Resolution Up to 640×480
LED; 4 White LED bright light
Bringhtness; Auto
Exposed control; Auto
F/NO; 2.8
Camera housing diameter; ¢14.5 mm
Wide visual view angle; 62°
LED switch; Adjustable lighteness swich
Focal Distance ;6CM-infinate
I/O interface; USB 2.0/1.1
Coler; 24 bits coler
Temperture; UP to 80℃


ステップ5: "キャプチャ"をクリックします。ビデオを録画しない場合は"キャプチャを開始"をクリックします。

カメラ 1/6" VGA COMS
ピクセル VGA300K
解像度 640×480 352×288 320×240 176×144 160×120
キャプチャ 最大640×480の解像度
LED 明るいホワイトのLEDライトが4つ
明るさ オート
露出制御 オート
F/NO 2.8
カメラハウジングの直径 ¢14.5ミリメートル
ワイド視覚視野アングル 62°
LEDスイッチ 明るさ調節の切替スイッチ
焦点距離 6CM-無限
I/ Oインタフェース USB 2.0/1.1
温度 最大80℃