Conyac is a crowdsourced translation service,
created in Japan, and used worldwide.

For those looking to work from home, small and home offices, or part time,
if you are bilingual or have confidence in you language abilities, by all means register as translator.

You can work on translations anytime, anywhere as long as you have a computer.
[Registration takes just 30 seconds! Membership is free]

How Conyac’s translations work

All Conyac translation requests come to you over the Internet.
As long as you have a computer, you can work on translations anytime, anywhere, and earn money as well.

Furthermore, there is no test in order to become a translator when registering.
Even if you do not have much confidence in your translation abilities, start with short sentences and build up your skill little by little.

Read recent public translations

Translate as much or a little as you like in your spare time.

For people who are busy with work or school, Conyac is just the service for you.
Translations are available 24/7 all year round, so you can translate when it fits your schedule.

Conyac’s translation work covers a variety of fields, from short emails to specialized technical translation.
Translate what you’d like in your spare time and in your field of expertise.

Conyac’s translation workflow

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The harder you try the more compensation you will receive.

On Conyac all translators have a rating, the higher your level the greater your compensation may become.

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Communicate with other translators

There are many different levels of translators on Conyac, ranging from bilinguals to pro translators.
Users ask each other questions about language and troublesome translation points, and can exchange information in a friendly and educational atmosphere.
Receive reviews from other translators and identify were your translation may have been lacking.

Conyac is a great way to connect with other translators all around the world.

Translation content unique to Conyac

After registering on Conyac you can start accepting translation requests right away.
Aside from translation requests Conyac frequently holds many types of translation contests.

Register on Conyac now

Whether you are bilingual, multilingual, or studying a foreign language, registration is open to anyone.