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transcontinents 61 ビジネス文書作成、交渉、輸出入実務の経験があり、ビジネス関連コミュニケーシ...

"Hello, I do apologise for the slight delay in my reply. I have just checked with the dispatch center and they have already posted the replacement shipper packaging. I could see by the photos that it was just the shipper packaging that was damaged and we have replaced this for you now. This will not affect the re-sale or collectable value in any way. Kind regards Monica"



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marukome 53 Six-year experience in translation. R...
marukome rated this translation result as ★★★★★ 12 Aug 2016 at 00:11


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Additional info: eBayで購入したけど梱包が不十分でしたので商品の角に凹んでました。返品するよう交渉してます。