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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Figure and Clothes are the most in number among her items! Also in Doujinshi...

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(※ここではFate/stay nightを基準にしています)

Saberは、Fate Seriesに登場する金髪の少女です。

騎士の「サーヴァント」であり、「最良のサーヴァント」と呼ばれるほど戦闘力の高いキャラクターです…が、「マスター」が魔術師としては半人前であるShirou Emiyaであったため、弱体化した状態で召喚されていまします。





iorisan Translated by iorisan
(*here the standard is set as Fate/stay night)

Saber is a blond girl who appears in Fate Series.

She is a Knight’s “Servant” and is called the “Best Servant” as she is a character with high combat strength. But since her "Master" was Shiryou Emiya who is a half-baked sorcerer, she was summoned in a weakened condition.

She is woman who is polite and earnest, with small stature and dignity.
But, despite her looks, she has an adorable side to her like she being a big eater, and her fondness towards stuffed toys.
Product regarding her mostly are figures and clothes.

Also, regarding fanzines, there are books on her and Emiya, and there are books on her with Gilgamesh or Lancer who are connected with Saber.

Her charming points are honesty and strength!

As the story moves on, we can take a look at her on the reasons she fights for, and why she is so prepared and determined to go through with it, and that is a very dazzling thing. Looking at her fight bleeding for many people’s smile, sacrificing her own happiness, I was moved.

You can watch her story on animation or video games. Please check it out!

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