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kiwifruit82 Translated by kiwifruit82
Others are limited to magazine features interviews. His answers in those magazine features interviews are different and inconsistent depending on the times. That is because there has been a 21 year gap between the earlier interviews and the later interviews and his interests have been different from moment to moment. Information about him has been scattered about, but it has not been put together into a whole. I strongly believe that Takato Yamamoto will become an author who will gain more attention in the future. I felt that we should create literature materials that put together information that could be gathered for now for future scholars. Takato Yamamoto is considered to be an artist who continues the lineage of aesthetic style just like Kasho Takabata and Matsuhiro Maruo. However, seeing his work from 2006 onwards, I feel like his works are beyond aesthetic. In order to prove this, I chose Takato Yamamoto's work for my graduation thesis. His artwork's techniques and content have been changing and evolving. This is due to his interest changing and accumulated from early Renaissance paintings to aesthetic paintings by decadent in the end of 19th century, Ukiyoe and Buddhist paintings. His works includes techniques from Ukiyoe artwork. He has also painted his original Ukiyoe style works. However, Takato Yamamoto studied Western Arts until high school and majored in Arts in college. He was drawn into the beauty of the lines and decorations in Western arts and became interested in Ukiyoe art as a continuation of that interest. From his background, you can tell that his Ukiyoe art style was learned almost by himself.
You can also see his reference to the puppeteer's puppet works and illustrations by illustrators in the end of 19th century. I will compare each work and demonstrate how different styles are evident in his works. Here, I will mainly cover Takato Yamamoto's published art collections follow the transition of his works. I will discuss about his works using information from his essays, interviews and letters that I received from him. Lastly, I will predict how his works will change and evolve, from my perspective.

Takato Yamato is a living illustrator who was was born in 1960. He calls his pictures as 'aestheticism style in the Heisei-era' and he draws aesthetic, erotic and grotesque pictures. Also, he is called 'Heisei Ukiyoe artist' from his style.
The reason why I have covered Takato Yamamoto's work here is because there are no well-written research literature about him or detailed materials that mentions about his works.
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山本タカトは、高畠華宵や丸尾末広などの妖しく耽美的な画風の系譜に連なる作家と考えられている。しかし、私は彼の作品が耽美的という括りに収まりきらないと、2006年以降の作品を見て感じた。それを解明するため山本タカトの作品を卒業論文のテーマにした。彼の絵画の技術と内容は変化し進歩しつづけている。彼の関心が初期ルネサンス絵画から19世紀末のデカダン派の耽美的な絵画、浮世絵、仏画にいたるまで変化し蓄積され続けたためだ。作品は浮世絵からの引用が多い。浮世絵風の独自の作品も描いている。 しかし、山本タカトは高校まで西洋画を学び大学ではアートを専攻した。彼は西洋画の中の線と装飾の美しさに惹かれ、その趣向の延長として浮世絵へ興味をもった。この経歴から彼の浮世絵的な画風はほぼ独学であることが分かる。
 浮世絵の他にも人形師の人形作品や、19世紀末の挿絵画家の挿絵などの引用も見受けられる。それぞれ作品を比較し、それらがどのような形でどのような形で作品に表れているのかを明らかにする。本稿では今までに刊行されれた山本タカトの画集を主に取り上げ作品の変遷を辿る。 彼のエッセイやインタビュー、本人から頂いた手紙などから作品を考察する。最後に私の解釈で、彼の絵の次なる変化と進化についても予測する。


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